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Carol Madden

Certified Separation and Divorce Coach

I help newly divorced parents confidently co-parent, rebuild, heal and find joy again after divorce.
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Mountain Ridge

Have you recently separated from your partner or spouse? Are you suffering sadness, guilt, hopelessness, fatigue? You know you need to make plans, but you can't seem to put one foot in front of the other. I can help you get your focus back and start you on the road to organising and redesigning your new life. 

 Are you in a relationship or marriage that you feel may have reached the end of its lifespan? 

Are you in confusion every day about whether or not you can stay and salvage your connection, or whether its best to create an exit plan that looks after everyone?

I can help you to clear away all the doubt and start to make some concrete decisions. 

Feeling Lost?
Need Support?

The grief from a separation or  divorce has been likened  by professionals to a death. You need to be able to process this grief in a safe space, with someone who understands and has been through it and out the other side. I can hold space for you while you work your way through these overwhelming emotions and clear space for courage and strength.

Feeling Stuck?

 Do you share children with your ex partner or spouse? Are you wanting to ensure that they are supported emotionally as they begin the process of adjusting to their new family unit?


As someone who has created my own successful co-parenting arrangement, and worked with young children for 15 years, I can support you to give your kids the best possible outcomes during the separation process. 




 Do you find that when you try to speak with your ex partner that things turn negative quickly?

I can help you to gain mastery of your thoughts and emotions, so that when you need to communicate with your ex, you can do it rationally and logically. 

This enables you to come to mutually beneficial agreements quickly.

Mike. G

- Auckland

A friend recommended I engage Carol's coaching services; it was life-changing. I needed a kind and gentle person who could listen and be empathetic towards my situation. Carol's coaching truly covered all of my needs. Her ability to guide me and understand what I was experiencing was inspiring. I have since managed to turn my lifestyle and mindset around and recover what I had initially sought guidance for. Once again, I'm very happy with life. I strongly suggest you meet with Carol for whatever needs you have, she is one in a million.
Sand Dunes

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Where are you on your divorce journey? 


Envisioning a positive future

Here are some of the areas that I can support you  as you navigate this challenging experience


Getting your confidence back

Co-parenting with confidence

Overcoming grief and loss


Setting and achieving new life goals

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