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My Story

Carol Madden Divorce Coach

AT the age of 37, everything I thought that I knew about my identity, my life, my family, the world in general, began to drastically shapeshift.


I had two young children, and up until then, I thought that I was going to be happily married for the rest of my life. 

When my story didn’t go the way I had planned, I went into free fall and began to unravel.  The grief forced me to undertake personal growth on a monumental scale.  I had overcome personal challenges in the past, and I thought I had known what fear was. I had no idea!


The fear that you face when you realise that you have to rebuild your whole life from scratch without a roadmap is debilitating.


From this very broken place, I had to figure out how to redesign a life that I felt excited to live again. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be possible. But the inner voice and wisdom found me at all the right moments.  It didn’t happen overnight, but by having the right mindset and taking one small step at a time, I am finally living a life that is true to who I am. 


Today, I have two happy, healthy teenage kids and a great relationship with my ex husband. We are still a family and still spend time together as a family unit. I have retrained and am now a certified separation and divorce coach with my own online practice, coaching people around the world.

I'm passionate about being able to support other people as they rewrite their stories and decide what outcomes they would like for each chapter. 

Separation and divorce does not mean you have failed, or that your family is destined to be dysfunctional.  I am living proof of how the opposite can be true,  and I want the same for anyone who is going through, or has been through, this major life transition.


My 'failures' have become my biggest successes.  I know that I can help other people to get to that place for themselves. 

My background and credentials

Associate Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation


Certified Life Coach - Lumia Coaching Signature Program

*ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited program

Educator/Learning Coach 

15 years experience as an educator and coach to children aged 9-12


My Vision

To support, champion and encourage anyone who is going through the loss of a significant relationship. To help them realise that there is a full and rich life on the other side of separation or divorce. 

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