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My Coaching Approach

Carol Madden Divorce Coach

You don't need a perfect coach.


You need a coach who knows what it's like to have experienced the end of a marriage, the challenges of co-parenting, experienced personal 'failures' and been able to overcome them with a concrete belief that pushing through is possible. 

Nobody wants to be separated or divorced. Nobody enters marriage thinking that one day it will be over.  If you're facing this now, you need to talk to someone who has experienced every second of it and understands without any judgement.

I help you to quickly identify the areas that are keeping you stuck, and then strategise with you to find the next concrete step towards feeling better and building a new life. 

I will have you functioning at the highest possible level to move through this time with courage and confidence.

I've been described by clients and colleagues as a straight talker. Someone who isn't easily fazed, is non-judgemental, and has a very open-minded outlook on life. I like to bring those qualities into my coaching style.


As someone who understands and appreciates imperfection, I am able to look past perceived inadequacies and get quickly to the gold that lies inside us all.

People come to me when they want a genuine, authentic professional who is able to understand their unique situation.  A coach that truly cares, and can support you through the challenges of emerging from your separation or divorce as a whole, happy individual again. 


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